Kristen Adkins

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I'm a Christian wife, mother, teacher, author and portfolio reviewer for homeschool families. I'm an adoptive mother, and my family did foster care for over 10 years. 


Passionate about education, I am willing to work with you, the homeschool family, to decipher strengths and areas of need in your child's education.  I am friendly to all styles of home education, from classical methods to unschooling styles.  Let me evaluate your child's progress this year!


Currently, I teach science at Mount Hope Christian Academy in southern WV.  In the past, I've taught at the college level as well as Sunday school and co-op classes.


What If This Were the Last Christmas was a book I released for the 2018 Christmas season.  I wrote an advent devotional relating the first coming of Christ to the second coming of Christ.  Check it out here.


Help With Homeschooling Prep
Private consultations taking place to get your family ready for the new school year!